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Historical Archives

Here is where the digital history of our Canton resides. Keeping these files and sites in a centralized location will, hopefully, prevent those who take over certain responsibilities and duties within the Canton from having to start over from scratch.

Skorragardr Device (Large) - .JPG
Skorragardr Device (Small) - .PNG
Old Website Header (JPG)- .JPG
Old Website Header (GIF)- .GIF
Axeman Logo - .GIF
Persona Workshop Flyer - .PDF
Axeman Two Event Flyer - .PDF
Axeman Three Event Flyer - .PDF
Axeman Four Event Flyer - .PDF
Axeman Eight Event Flyer - .PDF
Grape Wars Flyer - View
Axeman X Website - View
Axeman XI Website - View
Skorragardr Website (2007) - View
Skorragardr Meetings Page (2011) - View
Skorragardr Officer's Page (2011) - View
Skorragardr Website (2012) - View
Skorragardr Website (2014) - .ZIP
Skorragardr About Us Page (2014) - .ZIP
Skorragardr Champions Page (2014) - .ZIP
Request for Canton Status - .PDF
Woodland Forest Festival Flyer - .JPG
Woodland Forest Festival Flyer (Photoshop Template) - .PSD
Incipient Canton of Skorragardr Recruitment Flyer (2005) - .PDF
Spang Pattern (JPG) - .JPG
Spang Pattern (PDF) - .PDF
Garb Measurement Sheet - .DOC
Canton Fundraiser Flyer (JPG)- .JPG
Canton Fundraiser Flyer (DOC)- .DOC
Event Planning Handout - .PDF
Blank Device Templates - .JPG
Metro Area Bookmarks - .PDF
Metro Area Recruitment Flyer - .PDF
Metro Area Contact Cards - .PDF
Local Area Bookmarks - .DOCX
Local Area Recruitment Flyer - .DOCX
Local Area Contact Cards - .DOCX


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