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Our Champions - Past & Present

Axeman X

Axeman: Godric
Archery: Danr
Bardic: Cassara LaFaire
Rapier: Cornelius
Arts & Sciences: Sidon of Tyre
Youth Chivalric: Gabriel
Brewing: Ragnar

Axeman IX

Axeman: Nicolai
Archery: Margherita de Mantua
Bardic: Ragnar
Rapier: Anastasiia Dmitrieva Sokolova
Arts & Sciences: Aldric de Kerr
Youth Chivalric: Terric ap Owen

Axeman VIII

Axeman: Centurion Thorvald Egilsson
Thrown Weapons: Lord Gimli Svansson
Archery: Danr RoĆ°rsson
Bardic: Baron Uriah Wolfstar
Youth Chivalric: Terric ap Owen
Arts & Sciences : Lady Margherita de Mantua
Rapier: Lord Jason Drysdale

Axeman VII

Axeman: Master Aethelstan Aethelmearson
Thrown Weapons: Vincenti of Namron
Archery: Ulrich of Northkeep
Bardic: Aderyn of Northkeep
Youth Chivalric: Elisabeth
Arts & Sciences: Adena
Rapier: Lord Christian

Axeman VI

Axeman: Lord Eynon ap Maddoc
Thrown Weapons: HL Kiegan
Archery: HL Samuel ap Dewey
Bardic: Lady Droen O'Rourke
Arts & Sciences: Lady Melina de Mantua
Rapier: HL Carroll

Axeman V

Axeman: HL Aldric de Kerr
KAS: Lee Gibson
Gamesman: Kazee
Archery: Cian of Northkeep
Bardic: Adalia VonderBerg
Youth Archery: Maeginbjorn Bogsveigir
Arts & Sciences: Her Excellency Annabelle Fitzsimmons
Rapier: Lord Orlando Giovanni de Gilead

Axeman IV

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Axeman III

Axeman: His Excellency Thorgrim Northkeep
Best Death (Chivalric): Curtis Blackburn
Thrown Weapons: Lord Arthur Black Moon
Archery: No Champion Due to Weather
Bardic: HL Catrin Ferch Maelgwn
Brewing (Mead): H.L. Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds
Brewing (Beer): Master Oxlade of Moonshadow
Arts & Sciences: Lord Darius of Skorragardr
Rapier: Don Nevarr
Best Death (Rapier): Redulf Von Holt

Axeman II

Axeman: Lord Randal of Northkeep
Archery: Arthur Blackmoon
Bardic: Aderyn Moonsdottir
Arts & Sciences: Alon of Eldern Hills
Rapier: HL Tadgh

Axeman (Premier)

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