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Who we are

We recreate the middle ages. Bring History to life. Live life like a Lord or Lady of the realm, become a Knight, Master a lost art, Rise to be a King, Queen, Baron or Baroness, Learn the true Value of Honor and Chivalry, and Most of all have Fun doing it..

We are a branch of the S.C.A.(located in Shawnee and the surrounding area of Oklahoma.Our group is a Canton(township) within The Barony of Namron, in the Kingdom Ansteorra. Which has a long and rich history in the Society for Creative Anachronisms.

The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms, is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to learning more about the Middle Ages through reenactment. There are SCA chapters worldwide and they hold regular Feasts, Tournaments, Colleges, Balls, Battles and Wars.


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The Canton of Skorragardr

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The Barony of Namron
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Kingdom of Ansteorra
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Society for Creative Anachronisms
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What we Do


Heavy Combat - this is what you think of when you picture the days of Knights in Armor. Knights in armor, swords drawn, shields at the ready. Fighting in tournament for Lord and land or on the field of battle in the dregs of war.

Rapier Fighting - The Rapier is known as the Gentlemen's Duel or Pirates tool. the Rapier was known for it speed and the skill needed to wield it. This fast Paced combat will test your skill. Are you ready to step on the field?

Thrown - This is exactly what it sounds like. Learn and compete in the art of throwing Knives, Axes, Spears, Capers and Stones. If someone in history tossed something, so do we.

Archery - Bow and Crossbows Tournaments or battles. become a Huntsman for the Barony, Champion of the Land, Kingdom, or Known World.

Siege - When Castle and Forts where made, Brave soldiers manned large weapons designed to bring down these defenses. so if you Like the raw power of artillery. Siege weapons maybe for you.the Catapults, Trebuchets, and Balistas, are calling, will you step up?

Arts and Sciences

Any craft you can think of that they did back then, we have teachers, hobbyist, and masters of the skill teaching it today. Come Join us and learn any number of skills from Cooking, Brewing, Fiber arts, Woodcraft, Blacksmithing, and many more.


For those that have Talents, that include being the center of attention, this maybe for you. Story tellers able to weave words in manner that you feel you are a part of the story, the Vocalist that can preform by belting out a great Pub song or commanding a room with a Serenade that will make you cry.Jesters and Fools that can make you Laugh so hard, you can not even stand. No matter your Skill set there is a home for you here. If you want to learn this art, come, join us at the Bardic circle.

This is only a small part of what we do. the best way to get full understanding and have the most Fun is to join the group here.... come to an event, a practice, or workshop. you  will be happy you did.

Where do we meet

Fighter Practice :

Due to the heat index over 100. Fighter Practice will be canceled thru Aug 13th. Populas meeting is Aug 5th.

For those still wanting to suit up or hang out please check out the Barony Practice times.

 the Barony Fighter Practice is at Sellar Rec Center. Come Join us, it more then just fighter practice, it is also a time to gather and enjoy each others company and share other skills, you never know what you maybe missing unless you come out.  

Wed Nights at 700pm

Sellers Rec Center
8301 S Villa Avenue, Oklahoma City 73159

Map to Sellers Rec Center

Almost every Sunday weather permitting at Kidspace park in Shawnee, OK

Time 2pm to 4 pm

KidSpace Park Corner of Center and Wayne Shawnee, OK

Populace Meetings are First Sunday of month at Denny's in Shawnee, Ok

Time 5pm to 7pm

Denny's is on Harrison and I 40 . Exit 186



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