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Axeman XI

Axeman XI Cooking Collegium

Join us in our 5th Annual Cooking Collegium dedicated to medieval cooking topics.
If you have an interest in foods, (and who doesn't), as they were prepared and eaten in period then this event is just for you.
Teach a class! Share your knowledge with others of How, What and Why's of period cooking. Don't fear to think outside the box, too.
Perhaps you have some advice about camping and cooking in the SCA, feasts, or even how in the world do you cook an entire pig!

There are many newcomers and long-time members who want to learn what you know.

Classes are as follows, listen for heralds on site and/or check at troll for times throughout the day.

Making Cobbler Using a Dutch Oven
Making Butter
Making Flavored Butters
Medieval Leftovers

If you are interested in teaching a class, email me at

Axeman XI Cooking Competition

There is a crispness in the air and the apples will soon be ready for harvesting.
This year at Axeman we will once again have a cooking competition. The theme this year, "The Best Use of Apples (In a Recipe)".
Look through your period recipes, grab your basket and then head out to the orchard.
Can't decide which recipe? You may have a favorite to enter, but perhaps you have one that just might intrigue the judges.
You are welcome to have more than one entry. Tartlets, breads, potage, ciders...Go for the gold! The Golden Apple Award that is.

To promote the art of cooking in the SCA, your entry into the Cooking Competition at Axeman should be period.
Documentation is optional, but please provide a complete ingredients list with your entry as this will enable the
judges to give value to your authenticity. Higher points are given for a period recipe vs. an obvious modern recipe,
but with period ingredients. It will also be appreciated just in case we have judges that have sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Entries do not need to be prepared and cooked on site. We will not have access to buildings except the covered pavilion.
If you do need/want to cook on site you will need to provide your own cooking source.

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