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Northern Regional War College

A gathering and discussion for Northern Regional War College will be held Saturday afternoon November 1st at Axeman X. Beverages will be provided to keep throats from getting dry.

A fiberglass spear class and authorization, by Sir Wilhelm Von Buch, will take place after the tournaments on Saturday.



Northern Regional War Practice

Calling all fighters in the North!!! We will be hosting a northern regional war practice on November 2nd starting at Noon and ending around 5:00pm. Strap on your armor, raise your sword and let loose a mighty warcry as we cross swords and bash shields at the northern regional war practice hosted by the Canton of Skorragardr!!

There is no charge for the practice but we would love to have you for the entire weekend of Fighting, Food, and FUN!

If you have any questions please contact Skorragardr's Knight's Marshal at

Hugo De Stonham


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