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Canton of Skorragardr: Home

Menu Subject to Change

Saturday A.M. Breakfast:

Fresh baked biscuits with sausage gravy $3.00
Biscuits with jelly and butter $2.00
Coffee or tea $1.00 with free refills

Saturday Noon: $4.00

10oz Bowl of soup (your choice) with Bread, butter and drink of your choice (spiced tea or regular tea)
Choice of two stews with bread and fresh churned butter
Creamy North Atlantic Salmon Soup
Lamb and roasted root vegetable Soup
Refills on soup $1.00

Saturday Evening: $6 or $7.00

Fire roasted lamb
Fire roasted pork
Roasted honey glazed winter vegetables
Bread with fresh churned country butter
Desert Beer cake with cream cheese frosting
Mint tea

From the Tavern Coordinator

Please note: We are hoping to keep the cost for the evening meal at $6.00. That is the plan and we are hoping to make that a reality. We are working on getting a couple of things at a better price than first estimaate.

ALSO: We will have cookies, bread and other snacks such as dill pickles for sale at the tavern between meal times. We are trying to keep the price down and offer great food choices such as cookies, biscuits, dill pickles, etc. at the price of $1.00 where people can get a couple of big cookies, two biscuits, for $0.50 a big dill pickle and we may have some candy sticks for sale too.

from Hans Burgkmair, early 16th                 century

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Canton of Skorragardr: Home