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Axeman X was a rousing success and a good time was had by all. The stories and memories made shall live on forever. We do hope you enjoyed this event and want to thank all of those who made it possible. Planning for Axeman X1 has already begun. We will see you all next year!

Come and compete for the right to be hailed as the TENTH AXEMAN! We will be declaring victors in diverse fields including Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Artisan, Bardic, Youth Chivalric, and above all the Axeman (Axe and Plank Tourney).

Blacksmiths are encouraged to bring out your forges. Now is the time for many contests of skill and prowess(both martial and gentle) to determine the Champions of Skorragarðr.

In addition, we will be hosting the 3nd annual Northern Regional War College, Northern Regional Fighter Practice on Sunday, the Fourth Annual Cooking Collegium, Siege Warfare (yes, we have the space), and a Mischief and Morsels Quest for the children on Saturday night. Come armed with treats or suffer the WRATH of the young.

The site is a true Viking Camp. Come and enjoy this unspoiled primitive area (NO ELECTRICITY). There is well water and plenty of wood and space for camp fires. Dogs welcome, please keep them on leashes or penned and supervised. There will be a Tavern available from which to purchase food.

Visit our Facebook Event page for ongoing discussions and updates HERE!

Site opens at 4pm. Friday and closes at Noon on Sunday.
Drinks in period containers only.
Non-members are required to pay NMS: $5.00 in addition to the site fees.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.


Event Stewards:
Lord Allon McBaine and Mistress Beatrix Alfray
334121 E. 1010 RD
Harrah, OK. 73045
GPS: Lat: 35.643522, Long: 96.418333


Directions to Site from the South & West: approx. 82 minutes from OKC
Take I-40 (east of Oklahoma City) to exit #217 for OK 48. Turn left onto OK 48. Head north (approx 15 miles) Turn left onto E0960 Road. Take E0960 west (approx. 2 miles) Turn right around curve onto N3700 road . Watch for Signs!

Directions to Site from Tulsa: approx. 57 minutes
Take I-44W towards OKC to exit 196 for OK 48 (Bristow). Continue on OK 48 south (approx. 14 miles). Turn right onto E0960 Road. Take E0960 west (approx. 2 miles). Turn right around curve onto N3700 Road. Watch for Signs!

Directions to Site from Stillwater: approx. 90 minutes
Take OK 51 east (approx. 37miles). Turn right onto OK 48 towards Bristow (approx.17 miles). Take OK 48 through Bristow and continue south (approx. 14 miles) to E0960 Road. Turn right onto E0960. Take E0960 west (approx. 2 miles). Turn right around curve onto N3700 road . Watch for Signs!


Site Fees:
Adult: $7.00
Children 17 - 12: $3.00
Children under 12 are free
Family Max: $21.00.
All fees are not including NMS.

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc./Canton of Skorragarðr.


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Canton of Skorragardr: Home