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Cooking Collegium

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The Cooking Collegium is on Saturday and will run throughout the day.

New this year - we will be holding a Period Open Fire Cooking Competition.

The competition will be point based, with points awarded for presentation, taste, and documentation (written or verbal). You will also receive extra points if you teach how to cook your dish during the day at the Cooking Collegium. The dish must be cooked on site over an open fire.

If you are interested in teaching a class or entering the competition, or for more information, please contact the Cooking Coordinator.

Coordinator: Lady Aubrey Ericstochter




Class Descriptions

Sugar Paste: A Cook's Playdough

Learn to make edible, moldable objects using powdered sugar, lemon juice, rosewater, and gum trageanth. I will have some molds available for people to use, but if you have food safe molds you would like to use, feel free to bring them.

Feastocratting 101

This class will go from preparing a bid stage, buying the food, getting your kitchen ready at site, and how to actually cook the feast. It will also include some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

German Spit Cake

Learn how to cook a cake on a spit. This is a hands on class. Participants will help with spit turning, maintaining the fire, and layering batter. Once the cake is finished everyone will get to taste the results.

Christmas Past Recipes

Recipes of dishes made or sampled on "The Taste of Christmas Cookery Courses 2009" from Ivan Day Historic Food. We will discuss the recipes and sample some of them that are prepared or made during the class.


Come and learn how to milk a cow. Learn proper tecnique and care of the animals. Participants will have the chance to milk a cow themselves.

Cheese Making

Use the fresh milk from the cow to make cheese. This is a four part class spaced throughout the day. Part 1- adding culture to the milk to start the process. Part 2 - adding rennet. Part 3 - Cut the curd, rest, heat, and drain. Part 4- Cut and salt the final product; Cheese! Participants will also have the oportunity to purchase cheese making supplies to reproduce the process at home.


from Richard Pynson's 1526 edition of The Canterbury Tales


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